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MM1I am Brad Belk here on behalf of 2BExposed Magazine. We are talking to Mike Munich, a talented singer, dancer, and model about his career and what a triple threat he has become.

BB: So Mike, first off I have to say, you have a style all to your own, it’s Edgy, Sexy, confident, and YOU OWN IT.

BB: Growing up in Minneapolis I know you said you loved watching MTV and perfecting the dance moves of Britney, JLo, and Kylie. That you traded in your baseball bat at age 7 in exchange for ballet slippers. I love that. Would you say there was one defining moment that triggered your quest of self-expression? Did you feel that you had the support from your family.

MM: My quest for self-expression didn’t really begin until I was in my 20s. I was in a relationship for 3 years in which I felt very suppressed. My ex-boyfriend was still in the closet when we started dating and because of that, I had to navigate the insecurities surrounding his sexuality. When we broke up is when I really started to find myself – I moved from Silver Lake to West Hollywood, bleached my hair, started wearing a full face of makeup and cut all my old jeans into daisy dukes. I have always dressed outside the box, but these were my first moments of true, unadulterated self-expression. About a year later I took a trip to Sydney and it was there that I decided to start pursuing music. My family has always been very supportive of me as both a person and an artist.

BB: I think it’s so important, especially now a days with suicide rates, that kids see the courage you had at such a young age to be who you truly wanted to be. When creating your art, weather dancing, singing, with your modeling do you allow other people’s opinions to affect the final outcome of whatever it is you are working on?

MM: Absolutely not! I try to keep my audience in mind when creating, but I have never released a song or video that didn’t feel 100% authentic. To me, authenticity is key. If you let other people’s opinions influence the art, it’s become compromised and you are doing a disservice to the fans. As artists, we are already filled with doubt and fear of how our projects are going to be received. The only way to overcome that fear is to stand proud in your creations. It has always been important to me to have a unique and individual voice. What’s the fun in being like everyone else? The magic happens when we connect, acknowledge and respect our true selves.

BB: Would you say that dancingMM3 is your number one passion or would you say that dancing, fashion, singing go hand in hand?

MM: My passion is to create. I love to write music and direct videos. It’s so rewarding to watch (or hear) a vision come to life. Music is such a powerful, universal force that can connect those who have nothing in common. That being said, dancing was my first true love …. but without music, one cannot dance. I’m a very visual person so my love for fashion came as no surprise. I’m actually in the process of launching my own fashion line!

BB: What was your Minneapolis fashion like growing up? Did you take just as many risk back then as you do now?

MM: I tried! Like most teenagers in the early 2000s, I developed a deep love for Abercrombie & Fitch. However, I was always upset I didn’t have access to edgier brands …. Minneapolis is by no means a fashion capital. By high school I had discovered some boutiques downtown that carried more interesting pieces and I was finally able to experiment. My style back then was preppy with a twist (and things you would never catch me in now). 

BB: Your modeling career seems to have taken off an become very successful. The one thing i admire about your modeling work is how you can transform your look. The Blond hair to the dark hair, you look like a completely different person. Does your style change with your mood, or do you just have to change-up your look to keep things exciting and fresh?

MM: Both Brad! I can get bored easily so it’s a constant evolution. Fashion waits for no one!

BB: For people like me who love your style, who are your favorite designers? Do you pull pieces from different collections to style your look?

MM: Skingraft, Givenchy, Ashton Michael, Oak, Hood By Air, Rick Owens, David Giampiccolo, KTZ just to name a few. I love finding new, up and coming designers. It’s all about mixing different styles together to make it your own. Also, I’m not afraid to wear women’s clothing. I’m all about skirts right now.

MM2BB: I would say that taking risk seems to play a big part in your work and what has helped give you the platform that you have today. You have worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, and Kylie Minogue just to name a few. Do you get nervous working alongside such people who have inspired you throughout your life?

 MM: I used to! I’ve been doing this for so long now and eventually the magic of celebrity wears off. I’ve learned they are just people, showing up to work, like you. Gaga, Adam and Kylie are all such lovely, warm people. But I did fan girl over Kylie … She’s my EVERYTHING!!! She took us out to dinner after a show in Shanghai and I about lost my mind. In a rehearsal, it’s just another day at work. But when you are chilling with them out in the world … That’s when shit gets real.

BB: You have worked on projects such as Eating Out and Fame. Would you say that many people in the business have tried to label or put you in a box due to being such a success within the gay community?

MM: Who cares? People are going to judge. Labels are so limiting and there is no way to define a person by a sequence of  generalized words. There isn’t a box in which you can fit me. I’d like to see you try!

BB: Well Mr. Munich, I find you very inspiring, very sexy, and Bold. I’d have to say that you probably have just as many children that look up to you as you did your idols. In your own way you project what is the definition of owning and being true to yourself. Thank you so much for your time, and continuing doing what you do because it’s working!!! 


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