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Jess Vill 2018 Wall Calendar. “Warrior”

MalePhotographyEurope is very proud to bring you the unique Jess Vill 2018 Wall Calendar.
“Warrior” – Fearless and masculine; All photographs from May 2017 – Photography, costumes, and editing by Salvador Pozo.

The Jess Vill 2018 Wall Calendar-“Warrior”      


Salvador Pozo: Once we came up with the plan for the Warrior theme, I started to look for websites about historical outfits and gear.

I was disappointed by the quality of “costumes” for rent that were offered, so I started to study the real historical information on the Romans, Spartans, etc. at museum sites. 

We started to design the outfits and gear, ordered loads of materials and I mastered the techniques to create all items myself. 

Weeks of drawing, cutting, sewing, fitting and painting followed. 

Keeping in mind that the outfits had to be sexy as well, I translated the designs to my vision and when we started to shoot with Jess it worked out even better than I had imagined: The results are presented on this Jess Vill 2018 Wall Calendar “Warrior”.

When we presented the calendar layout to Jess, he stated that this is his best calendar ever! 


Salvador Pozo Photographer

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